The SOSKAN members’ Forum 2018       

The Soskan website has undergone some updates and re design. Some sections have been  reworked, being more welcoming and informative to prospective new members. New photos and videos have been added to show prospective new members what they can be a part of.  The regiments section has (almost) been completed so that new members can decide which regiment to join.  The Officers pages have, at last, been completed so that we can all see who is in charge ! 

There is an awful lot of updated and new information  for our existing members such as  the minimum authenticity document, details of minimum uniform & equipment standards and the addition of instuctional videos to help you improve your ACW impression. 

However all of this is on the public side of the website, and there is still a need for a “private, members only section” where OFFICIAL messages can be posted for the membership’s benefit.  As it is already an integral part of the Website, the forum has now become the place for members to view anything of a “Soskan only” nature :  Event details, warning orders, rules, regulations, committee messages, Notices of AGMs etc,  

With  many members choosing to use Facebook for discussions the Forum  seems to have fallen out of favour as a discussion platform. Those members who choose to use the forum for such discussions will  find that very few members respond to their posts.  Some existing discussions have been archived and can still be accessed, however  messages that no longer relate to Soskan's current activities have now been removed. 

EVERY Soskan member with access to the internet can access the Forum and if you are not already on it and wish to do so here are some instructions: 

Go to the FORUMS title at the top of the home page.  Click on it and you will see a registration form.  You can set up a username and password of your own choice but you must add your real name & e mail details.    

You will receive an e mailed message that your application has been received  and there will be a short (as possible) delay whilst the membership secretary checks that you are  a fully paid up Soskan member. Once this has been confirmed you will become an active member of the forum  and will receive another e mail to confirm this.  Then go to the forum, log in and start using it!   

Comments can still be added, but there may not be much response. Please keep your posts clean, civil and polite.  Yes there may be "discussions" started and they may become heated at times, however please remember that we are all fellow re-enactors working for the same cause.  The moderators of the forum reserve the right to remove any offensive comments or material and, if necessary, to block the user.  This should not be seen as censorship, rather than providing a good environment for us to discuss matters relating to Soskan and the American Civil war.  Although the administrators of the forum ( the current committee) have a working knowledge of the basic functions of the forum, none of us are computer wizards.  If you have any problems please let us know and we'll do our best to sort them out - however a short delay may occur if we have to seek technical help.            

Finally, in line with Soskan membership rules, any member who has not renewed by 31st January 2019 will lose access to the forum ( and other Soskan means of communications) until they have rejoined.  Re application for the forum etc may be required.